TWIG Extra 01 - Sven Rudloff speaks about Anglo-German relations

Welcome to the first episode of This Week in Germany Extra, the interview podcast which focuses on German culture and society. 

 Sven Rudloff

Sven Rudloff

In each episode, which will appear monthly, we'll be talking in depth to someone with an insight into a part of German culture, or a perspective from a German point of view.

Following Angela Merkel's speech to the UK parliament recently, I spoke to Sven Rudloff, host of the popular German-language podcast Viva Britannia, on the topic of Anglo-German relations. 

Throughout the interview, we cover a wide variety of topics, from Britons' views on Germany, how Germans perceive the UK and the pros and cons of living in either country - both the small everyday things, and the bigger issues too.

In the end, it could be said that the relationship between the UK and Germany is better than ever, though it seems some parts of society have yet to catch up...

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