Professional and enjoyable
by Deana (Facebook)
“I haven't found such a professional, comprehensive, not to mention enjoyable English source of information about Germany anywhere else. I've been listening for 6 months now look forward to new episodes every week. It's very important for me to stay up to date on German affairs because there are many people that I care about in Germany. I see this podcast as a way to stay connected to them and keep myself "in the know" when I'm not in Germany.”

Best German Related Podcast
by D. Ami (U.S. iTunes)
“I was an exchange student in Leipzig and Stuttgart and this podcast is my favorite way to keep up with German news since I've been back. I also read news from German papers and this podcast provides a great summary of events along with awesome features... It's a really great way to expose yourself to German history and culture. The hosts balance sounding professional and personable and you can tell they're passionate about what they are doing. Thumbs way up!”

An excellent podcast for all expats
von michael mihov (German iTunes)
“It is so refreshing to listen to the news and culture in Germany in a language I understand so well. A fantastically produced podcast with all the right elements: mixture of topics, professional execution and educational elements.”

Well balanced news reports and more
by tin shed boy (UK iTunes)
“I have been listening for a couple of months. I travel to Thuringia fairly regularly and this Podcast helps me keep abreast of German news and issues, culture, places of interest, history and recently films. Using this podcast as a primer, I manage to bluff my way into making my colleagues think I know more about Germany than I really do... I like it because of its easy going presentation, informative features and most of all, as far as I can tell, completely unbiased news reporting.”

Informativ! Geniale Moderatoren!
von Knilchlich (German iTunes)
“Dieser Podcast ist nicht nur sehr informativ, auch für Deutsche, sondern auch noch unterhaltsam und nicht selten witzig! Die beiden Moderatoren Rob und Daniel, ersterer Amerikaner, letzterer Brite, verstehen es auf unnachahmliche Weise mit Charme und so manch augenzwinkernden Unterton Deutschland aus der Außensicht darzustellen.”

Light-hearted look at society
by Liz (Facebook)
“It's a great digest to keep me able to converse with German business partners/friends about topics which are either exercising German minds or light-hearted looks at society.”

Hello This Week in Germany Crew!
by Anonymous (Facebook)
“Thank you so much for your entertaining pods! They are very entertaining yet I am learning a lot about German culture, history and language. Thanks for doing hosting such a great show. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to them.”

Good listening experience
by TuetonK (U.S. iTunes)
“I'm an American listener who enjoys this podcast. The two hosts present professional news with some humor, they share knowledge about German cities to visit and people to know, and often have interesting guests... Good listening all around.”

Entertaining and the News in English
by cqexbesd (UK iTunes)
“This is a great way to find out what is happening in Germany if your German isn’t up to the regular news yet. Along the way it’s quite entertaining. I would recommend giving it a try.”

by Jamie (e-mail), Munich, Germany
“Hello guys, just wanted to send a short note to congratulate you on the podcast. I look forward to it every week. All the best and keep up the good work!”

Must have weekly podcast      
by Paul (Australian iTunes), Sydney
“For anyone interested in Germany 'This Week in Germany' weekly podcast is a must have.”

Really useful      
by Red Pickle (UK iTunes)
“I live in Germany but don't yet have the language skills to keep up with internal news here. It's great to have a summary of German news in English so I don't feel so ignorant.”

Good job!  
von TomTom2882 (German iTunes)
“I’m a 15-year-old German who listens to your podcast every week. I really like the special interviews you do and I think you always talk about the most interesting and important stories. Rob’s effort to pronounce German words correctly is extremely fun.”

Thank you
by Michael (e-mail), Pennsylvania, USA
“Hello, I just wanted to drop a note to you all to say that I have recently found your podcast and have been listening to it. I really enjoy it. Thanks for putting it together.”

Totally awesome
by Kaleena (Facebook)
“I love Germany and I want to know more about it, especially as it's the land my family came from... I enjoy learning about what's going on now as well as having random chances of improving my German... everyone here seems totally awesome.”

Very kind
by Ahmed (Facebook)
[T]he admins of this page are very kindly and have all the good [reports]... I want to know more about Germany and it's beautiful places and characters... danke.”

Looking Forward To Future Episodes
by Revans50 (U.S. iTunes)
“[The hosts] do a good job getting the news across and some of the features such as Germany A to Z are very well done.”