39 - Arrival of Netflix, Muslim Day of Peace, cyclist Jens Voigt and the magical Neuschwanstein Castle

Exciting news that the much anticipated release of the streaming media company Netflix began operating this week.

Cyclist Jens Voigt breaks the world record by riding over 50 kilometers in a one hour time span.

Muslims across Germany held "Day of Peace" protests to raise awareness that they are denouncing terror and crimes made in the name of Islam.

Also, you may know Disney's iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Now hear about the actual castle in Southern Bavaria which inspired it.

This week: 

  • Streaming media giant Netflix opens in Germany.
  • Muslims speak out against terror and raise awareness for their desire of peace.
  • A native cyclist breaks a world record. 
  • All new fun trivia on the quiz show and hear about the breath taking Neuschwanstein castle. 

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