38 - ISIS ban, affordable housing plan and the Hamburg Fish Market

Your favourite English-language German news podcast this week answers the age-old question: Why would 70,000 people visit a fish market which is only open one day a week and closes by 9:30am?

It's a mystery, but one we will deal with in Destination Germany. 

In more important matters, the terrorist group has been banned in Germany. But what does this mean? Surely they only operate in Iraq and Syria? All will be revealed. 

Finally, a politician from North Rhine-Westphalia has made the mistake of comparing education reform with 9/11 (yes, really). 

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This week: 

  • Thomas De Maiziere explains the decision on the ban of ISIS.
  • A new plan is offered to help alleviate high rent prices. 
  • A politician finds herself in trouble after an insensitive comparison. 
  • Learn interesting facts on the quiz show and find out why you should take a trip to Hamburg's Fish Market.

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