108 - Is Merkel's immigration policy to blame for terrorism?

In the aftermath of the tragic events in the south of Germany this month, we discuss the reactions to these stories and what common misconceptions have emerged as a result. Later on in the show we take a look at alternative medicine and its position within the German healthcare system. We then take you on a trip into East German history in this months Destination Germany.

On the 18th of July, a young man who arrived to Germany as a child (with media outlets reporting him from either Pakistan or Afghanistan), attacked and injured 4 people on and a 5th outside a train, near the town of Wurzburg in south Germany, with Islamic State linked materials found in his apartment. Four days later, on the 22nd of July, another young man attacked a shopping mall in Munich, killing nine people. This time, it was a German national of Iranian decent with apparent links to Islamaphobic Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik.

With these two violent incidents occurring in the space of a week, this quickly became international news. For our top story, Olcan Hiller joins us to talk about these stories, and to explain and examine some of the claims and responses that have emerged since. 

Later in the show, with some health insurance companies covering alternative medicine and some doctors prescribing herbal and homeopathic remedies, we examine alternative medicine in Germany and it's position within the healthcare system. We speak to both Rainer Krell, an alternative medical practitioner in Berlin and Dr. Jutta Hübner of the German Cancer Society and member of the Drug Commission of the German Medical Association. 

For this months Destination Germany, Olcan visits Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial), a building complex most famous for it use as a Stasi prison in East Berlin after the Berlin Wall went up. Olcan tells us about its dark history and historical importance. For more info on the tours that are offered, visit www.stiftung-hsh.de

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