106 - Is Germany at risk of a nuclear meltdown?

In this episode, we look at Germany's nuclear energy future... if it has one at all. Plus big news about this very podcast! 

Germany began using nuclear energy in 1969, and by 2011 obtained one-quarter of its electricity from nuclear energy. However, with public opinion in Germany broadly opposed to nuclear power, the current government has begun the phasing out of this energy source.

Eight reactors were shut down in 2011, triggered in part due to the meltdown in Fukushima, Japan. We travel to defunct Rheinsberg nuclear power plant with journalist Jonas Schönfelder find out more about German nuclear energy and what happens to a reactor after you shut it down. We also speak to sustainable energy expert, Professor Ortwin Renn

We'll be asking whether the shutdown is just a populist policy brought about by hysteria and misinformation and can green power really provide a viable alternative.

In this month's edition of Destination Germany, Rob takes us west to Cologne, to hear about Germany's most visited landmark and World Heritage Site, Cologne Cathedral. It's Rob's last Destination Germany and his last episode ever! 

Also on the show, a bloody stabbing on a train in Bavaria sparks worries over terrorist attacks on German soil. Just weeks later, a supposed plot to attack Dusseldorf with machine guns and explosives is uncovered. We're joined by Olcan Hiller to discuss our top story.

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