Jan Böhmermann slams RTL in his comeback show

Satirical superstar Jan Böhmermann used his first show after the Schmähkritik scandal to stir up more trouble among the establishment. 

This time his target was trash TV in the form of RTL's Schwiegertochter Gesucht ('Wanted: Daughter-in-Law'). The dating show puts presenter Vera Int-Veens on the case of 'hopeless' romantics who are desperate to find love. The trouble is, many of the candidates are down on their luck and aren't always fully aware of how the show will depict them.

Böhmermann saw satirical fruit ripe for the picking and so planted two actors in the programme. Using hidden cameras, it was revealed that participants in the show only get €150 compensation for up to 30 days of contracted filming and that producers stage interviews to depict them as ridiculous.

Perhaps worse, they ignored the seemingly alcoholic tendencies of one Böhmermann mole.

For years, satire in Germany was simply standing on stage and saying mildly offensive things about German politicians in a tradition known as Kabarett. Now, with Jan Böhmermann, satire has finally grown up by adhering to television's golden rule: don't just tell us, show us. 

Watch his Schwiegertochter Gesucht feature below (in German):