104 - Why do Germans watch dubbed movies?

Dubbing is something English native speakers are very unfamiliar with. Most of our foreign films come with subtitles. Imagine George Clooney moves his mouth but completely different sounds come out - and in German. Olcan Hiller delves into the world of dubbing and speaks to the people that make it happen.

Sadly, terrorism is once again at the top of the news agenda. Can Germany actually do anything to prevent terrorism on its home soil? In the wake of the Brussels bombings, Helena Humphrey analyses the German response.

Turkey's president demanded a German satirical TV show remove a video making fun of him, causing a diplomatic spat in the process. We'll break down the story for you! See the video in full with English subtitles here.

Wouter "Walrus" Bernhardt joins us again to talk about his favourite destination in the country: Berlin's trendy district of Kreuzberg. But it's not all hipsters and fixed-gear bikes... which local monument does Wouter describe as "megalomaniacal"? It's all in this episode. Plus, you can check out the Walrus and the Bear podcast for more on the capital's places and people.

All that, plus news in brief featuring the Flying Spaghetti Monster!