110 - Berlin MP's post-election murder-suicide

With episode 110, we are 110% Berlin! We cover just about everything, ranging from the local elections that took place in Berlin recently, to the strange and tragic story about the local Berlin politician who was involved in a murder-suicide, and then to finish it off, we take you on a trip to one of Berlin's liveliest streets in Destination Germany!

For this month's Top Story, Olcan joins us at the top of the show to talk to us about the events surrounding the story regarding a Pirate Party MP, Gerwald Claus-Brunner. With his body and the body of another discovered in his apartment the day of the election results, the story spread like wildfire. Olcan takes us through the story and reflects on the impact this might have on the Pirate Party in Berlin.

With the local elections having taken place on the 18th of September, we are joined by Jon Worth, a political commentator and Green Party candidate in Berlin to discuss the election results with Daniel. With the vote share being spread across more parties and the larger parties losing votes to smaller parties, what does this mean for Berlin, and indeed the rest of Germany?

Later in the show, we head to Sonnenalle. This street, which cuts through the centre of the trendy district of Neukölln, is lively and multi-cultural. We take in some of the sights and sounds of this important urban artery. 

Plus of course news in brief!

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