Plundering Germans' Graves Gets UK Airtime

A TV show where Germans' wartime graves are plundered in the name of entertainment has been picked up by British broadcaster Channel 5.

We say: The final resting places of Germans were desecrated in the name of entertainment, as part of an endless parade of Nazi-themed war porn. This programme should never have made it on air - Channel 5 should be shamed of themselves.

"Nazi War Diggers" was originally pulled by National Geographic after archaeologists barraged the series with criticism. The programme sees a team of relic hunters dig up the bodies of soldiers on the Eastern Front, perversely showing off skulls and bones to the camera. It has now been rebranded "Battlefield Recovery".

When National Geographic released a preview to its viewers, Dr Tony Pollard, the Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at Glasgow University, described the show as "absolutely shocking".

"I found the footage of human bones being handled in such a slap-dash and disrespectful manner highly offensive," he told history news website The Pipeline.

"Whichever way these programmes are rebranded not least through a change of title, and the cast of characters dressed up as saviours of heritage, there is little of worth here and I hope that Channel 5 will take up their right to reply and listen to the many voices that will surely be raised in opposition, just as they were last time around."