How one guy saved money on a UK train ticket... by flying via Berlin instead!



If you thought German train prices were expensive, they're nothing compared to the UK. Britain has a messed up patchwork of train operators with outdated trains and outrageous fares.

That's how Jordan Cox, aka "The Coupon Kid", ended up in Berlin. He found it was cheaper to take a flight to Berlin and back than to book a one-way train ticket from Sheffield in the north of England to Essex in the South.

Yep - he spent just €57.58 for a day trip in Berlin (including return flights, food and transport in the city), instead of the €67.66 it would have cost just to take a train from Sheffield to Essex, and was able to travel over a thousand miles more in the process.

It says something about British train fares when you can travel to Germany and back via plane and save money.

Would you go that far to save €10?