89 - German government imposes border controls in attempt to ease pressure from immigration

Germany is CLOSED. At least, it's temporarily exempting itself from the Schengen Treaty, meaning border controls will be in place.

It's in an effort to control the flow of migrants into the country. Germany is expected to take on 800,000 refugees this years - but the country wants the rest of the EU to take its share. Journalist Janelle Dumalaon has all the details for us. 

Rob is off this week. Why? You'll find out in the podcast! But, we have special guests giving us their personal Destination Germany. 

Sven Rudloff, our resident psychologist, is back with his insight into another aspect typical to German life: the Volksfest! But what is it about these public parties that are so uniquely German? Sven fills us in.

Our German of the Week is Vladimir Lenin! Strange but true. The head of a Lenin statue which was demolished in 1991 will now be put on display, after being dug up from a forest in Berlin.