80 - Will Germany prove to be benevolent or vindictive in Greece's time of need? Plus: Hamburg's Speicherstadt!

The crisis in Greece has come down to the wire, and Germany has an important role to play in its future - not only is the euro designed in its image, but its also the most stable of all the countries in the currency. But will Germany be benevolent to the Greeks... or vindictive? 

Founding member Bernd Lucke has left Alternative für Deutschland - a eurosceptic political party which may now be more national conservative than free-market liberal. That is, it's an entirely different beast from the one it started as in 2013. What does this mean for Germany? 

In Destination Germany, we look at Hamburg's Speicherstadt. It was recently given UNESCO World Heritage status. But what is there to see or do there? 

All that plus the rest of this week's news in brief!