70 - German secret service helped NSA spy on France, May Day protests and the Technoseum

Our top story this week: the German foreign intelligence service helped the United States to spy on France.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND was accused of using its Bad Aibling listening station in Bavaria to monitor the French presidential palace and the EU Commission in Brussels. The listening station sent some of the data gathered to the NSA.

On the same topic, our German of the Week is Thomas de Mazière, the current Federal Minister of the Interior. Was he aware of the cooperation with the NSA during the time he had oversight of the country's intelligence agencies? 

We also welcome Felix as our interim co-host, while Rob jets off to the USA. Don't worry, he left us with plenty of destinations to talk about! This week, we chat about the Technoseum - no, sadly, it isn't a museum dedicated to techno music! In fact, it's dedicated to industrial technology. 

All that plus this week's news in brief. 

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