German of the Week: Baby Lady

 Evan Amos / Wikimedia

Evan Amos / Wikimedia

This episode, our German of the Week is Annegret Raunigk. She also wins the award for my favorite unpronounceable name.

You probably not won’t know her - she’s not a famous athlete, a politician, or YouTube star. But, you might have read her story, which was on pretty much every news website in the world.

Annegret is a high school teacher in the city of Berlin. What makes this woman a hot topic this week is that she’s given birth at the age of 65. And not to a single child, but to quadruplets. 3 boys and a girl.

Even more remarkable is that this grandmother already had 13 children bringing her total up to a giant number 17.

This was an artificially created pregnancy. Both the eggs and sperm had been donated, fertilized and implanted in a medical clinic. The procedure took place abroad, as it’s prohibited in Germany.

Critics said that, due to her age, she shouldn’t have used the available science to try and force a pregnancy. An obstetrician working at the University of Leipzig said anyone over the age of 60 would be considered a high risk pregnancy. At that age, the human body is not designed for it.

Annegret had tried for more kids naturally, but was not successful. She was shocked when an ultrasound showed she was pregnant... and carrying FOUR children.

And her reason for having more children at such a late age? Annegret said her nine year old daughter asked for a younger sibling.