"English is no longer a foreign language" - our interview with author Peter Littger

  Timm Kölln / KiWi Verlag

Timm Kölln / KiWi Verlag

From Handy (mobile phone) to Beamer (projector), German is full of words which are inspired by English but would be incomprehensible to your average Brit or American. 

For Germans, the creep of loan words into their language can have consequences on their use of English. 

In his book, 'The devil lies in the detail: Lustiges und Lehrreiches über unsere Lieblingsfremdsprache', Peter Littger wrote about his experiences learning and improving his English - and how easy it is to get wrong!

To talk about his experiences with English made in Germany, the author and Der Spiegel columnist joined us on the line from Berlin.