Destination Germany: Mannheim's Technoseum (and no, it's not a museum for techno music)

This week we going back down to the state of Baden-Württemberg but to its northern edge. Our destination city is Mannheim and our specific stop is the one, the only, TECHNOSEUM.

So what is it. A museum for techno music? No, but Frankfurt is getting a museum dedicated to techno music which I will be sure to cover later. The Technoseum in Mannheim is museum that covers industrialism with a focus on the industrialization of the south-west of Germany.

Maybe they wanted to spruce it up a bit as before it was called the State Museum for Technology and Work!

Rudolf Stricker / Wikimedia. Click to enlarge.

They have a huge 8,000 square meter showroom that displays engineering and the social history the industrial revolution. Visitors can learn about the technical, social, and political changes since the 18th century.

You will get to see how things like watches and clocks, paper making, fabric production, energy building, mobility, and even bionics have grown throughout the past 200 years. Those that are interested in trains will have a great experience seeing the growth of the railway in the tracks and trains exhibition.

Even more exciting are the over 100 different interactive displays you can try. Aside from just learning about how things work you can actually test them out.

In the past they have hosted exhibitions on Nanotechnology, energy conservation, and industrialization of food. Right now, until mid June, the Technoseum has a special showing about the future of medical technology with over 700 exhibits. See what sort of machines and technology will be helping us maintain health in the upcoming years.

I like the medicine and trains, but what I thought really looked great was the bionics section. And while bionics is a pretty broad theme, it does include robots... and the museum just happens to have a humanoid one that puts on a great display for the visitors.

All in all, for the price of 8 euros (or less for students and others) you can spend a really great day learning about the history of the technical revolution though where we think technology will be in the future.