What we know about the Germanwings plane crash

 A Germanwings plane.  Andrew Cupitt / Flickr

A Germanwings plane. Andrew Cupitt / Flickr

On Tuesday morning terrible news came from France - an Airbus A320 flying towards Düsseldorf crashed in a remote part of the Alps. All 150 people on board were killed.

French officials say that they are confident the co-pilot intentionally put the plane into a descent. While they believe the co-pilot was the most likely cause of the crash, investigators still haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of a technical failure.

The mountain rescue team was able to recover a voice recorder from the crash site, the second black box is still missing. This data recorder would help to provide more information into the cause of the crash.

On Thursday, Michael König, reporter for the Süddeutsche Zeitung spoke to This Week in Germany from Munich via Skype.