Destination Germany: Munich's Stadtmuseum, for all your city history needs... and creepy puppets

This week we are going back to the state of Bavaria, and in fact, to its capital city, Munich. Our destination this week will be Munich’s Stadtmuseum which is the city’s municipal museum and also happens to be the largest city museum in all of Germany.

Munich is a great place and this is just one of many things you can do while visiting. I thought that telling about the city’s city museum would be a great place start.

First, this is no rinky-dink quaint little museum. As I just mentioned it is the largest city museum in Germany. It consists of several wings and has multiple permanent exhibitions as well as limited time special exhibits almost year round. There are 4 permanent exhibitions and I want to give you a quick glimpse of each one.

The first is called “Typically Munich!”. This is the exhibit that gets a lot of attention from visitors as it tells all about the city of Munich. Learn how the city got started to what it is today. And aside from the history lesson, what many people love about it is that it is shows what makes the city in a personal sort of way. Here you can learn about Munich’s fashions, traditions, and folklore to really see inside.

The second is an exhibition all about musical instruments from all over the world. Here you can see over 6000 different types of instruments, from very old to very modern. Many you might scratch your head wondering how it even works.

Next up shows you all about the past national socialism in Munich that took place between the time periods of 1918 to 1945. Learn what it was like to be in this city as it became the launchpad for the National Socialist movement.

Last but not least is the collection for the puppet theaters and fairground attractions. If you like strange creepy wooden puppets and mechanical contraptions that might take you a few minutes to figure out, this is the place for you. I personally think it looks amazing!

There are actually a few special exhibits right now as well. I told you this place was huge.

Two are photographers showing work on portraits of people not quite in the mainstream. One photographer showing people on the fringe of society and the other focusing on runaways, homeless, and punks.

There is also sound lab which is new to the music section of the museum. Here, you can actually test out a bunch of different instruments to experiment different ways to create different types of sounds.