Destination Germany: Swim ON a river in Berlin's 'bathing ship'

Winter is over, and it is warming up, so I wanted to feature something you might be starting to think about. Swimming! And a little more on point, swimming in Berlin at the Spree river - not IN the Spree river.

There is a public swimming pool behind the Arena Berlin and it is actually floating out in the river. It is called the Badeschiff (or 'bathing ship').

From the shore there is a man made beach area so you can have a beach day right in the middle of the nation’s capital. From there, you walk down a gangplank to a wide open dock areas. Here are are chairs, small tables, umbrellas, and even hammock set up. At the end of the dock is the pool itself. It is quite large and can accommodate many people.

The beauty is that it is heated pool! It stays at a pretty constant 24 celsius (75 fahrenheit) and has just opened up.  It opens to the public in April and the actual season starts in May.

There are season passes for are 95 Euro and last from May to September. But, if you don’t want to throw down almost 100 euros on swimming you can get day passes for 5 Euros and students even get a discount down to 3 Euros

There are lots of swimming halls in Germany. If you want to go swimming, it is not that difficult to find a place. What makes swimming at the Badeschiff different is the unique atmosphere. Visitors get a panoramic view of the river with the city in the background.

No where else can you be doing the backstroke while gazing up at the famous Berlin TV tower.