67 - 70th anniversary of the death of Georg Elser, the man who was minutes away from assassinating Adolf Hitler

This must-listen episode is our most exciting and experimental to date. 

Thursday saw the 70th anniversary of the death of Georg Elser, the man who was 13 minutes away from successfully killing Adolf Hitler and changing the course of history. And this week, a film about him was released in German cinemas. We profile the life of the man and his assassination attempt. 

In Destination Germany we travel to the nations capital to and look at a fun place to spend some sunny days and warm evenings.

Our resident psychologist Sven Rudloff joins us to explain the background of Germany’s industry-dominating discount supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl.  

All that, plus the week’s news in brief.

Credits for this Episode:

Thank you to Professor Johannes Tuchel, Director of the German Resistance Memorial Center for speaking to us in interview. 

Music is by Rameses B and Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under Creative Commons. 

Sound effects by the community of Freesound.org - ST303, digifishmusic, le abbaye Noirlac, youandbiscuitme and fridobeck.

Promotional clips from the film 'Elser: Er hätte die Welt verändert' (2015) are copyright Lucky Bird Pictures and were used with permission. 

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