62 - A new era of proactive foreign policy? Plus: March's Film Club, Monschau and Wolfgang Tillmans

In this episode - the past year has seen a clear shift to proactive foreign policy. But what is the responsible course of action? Should the German government make its mark on the world or take a back seat? The Wall Street Journal’s Anton Troianovski will be joining us to explain.

In our March Film Club, Malachi Ray Rempen reviews the Oscar winning Das Leben der Anderen, the Lives of Others. It’s a film about East Germany’s secret police. We’ll be finding out what has made it so popular.

For the German of the Week section we feature the Hasselblad award winning photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans.

Our destination this week is the sleepy yet romantic little town of Monschau.

All that, plus the rest of the week’s news in brief.