German of the Week: photographer Wolfgang Tillmans

Our German of the week this episode is an artist who works in the field of photography. He is not just any photographer but world famous German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. We are featuring because this past week he won a very prestigious award, the Hasselblad photography award.

For those that might not know what that is, Hasselblad is a Swedish camera manufacturer known for their excellent quality and dedication in the photography community. When the founders died they set up a annual award to be presented to one photographer each year to recognize them for major achievements. This year, that photographer is Wolfgang Tillmans.

He is renowned in Germany and the world for his work in the 1990s when he documented the techno and gay scenes. Now he is more focused on pushing the photography boundaries of space, scale, and format in photographs.

He said in a recent interview that he thinks as photographs as not simply images but as actual objects. This means that what he is producing is not only the printed image but an object that can be used somewhere to enhance where it is being used.

This is not the first artistic prize Tillmans has won for his photography but it is a major one. The prize awards 110,000 euros. Also he will have an award ceremony at the end of November and starting the next day he will have a brand new exhibition opening in the Hasselblad center in Sweden.