Germany still exporting arms to Saudi Arabia despite rumours of a moratorium

Germany has constantly been criticised for its arms industry. While defence ministers have often been reluctant to engage troops in war, often in recognition of its past, the country has sold billions of euros of weapons to countries around the world.

 A German military helicopter. Image:  Rob Schleiffert / Flickr

A German military helicopter. Image: Rob Schleiffert / Flickr

In fact, in 2013 alone, new and officially sanctioned orders from non-EU and non-NATO countries reached €3.6 billion.

Despite there being rumours of a moratorium or at least a slowdown on sales to Saudi Arabia, in the light of human rights abuses which gained significant public interest in Germany, the federal government approved the export of 110 million euros of weapons to the middle east country in January this year.

It was also revealed this week that hackers from Bahrain have used German spy software to snoop on people in Germany.

Joining us from Berlin to explore this topic in more details is journalist Ben Knight.