German of the Week: Yanis Varoufakis

Our German of the Week, Yanis Varoufakis, as you might already know is not German (rather, our 'honorary German') but is the new Greek finance minister appointed after the recent election of the new Prime Minister of Greece in the previous month.

 Jorg Ruger / Wikimedia

Jorg Ruger / Wikimedia

Greece has been in the fire financially for quite some time. The new Greek government was elected to solve this problem and the face of this solution is Yanis Varoufakis.  He has traveled all around Europe to talk to creditor countries of Greece, trying to assure them that they should back Greece’s new reform plans.

Most of the creditors have not been optimistic about what Greece wants to try and accomplish and how they want to go about it. Germany is one of Greece’s biggest creditors and has come out clearly to say that their ideas are bad and will not be accepted.

Not happy with the results, Varoufakis has made some pretty lude and off-putting comments about his counter-parts in other countries and the people of other European countries themselves. His latest outburst was while speaking on a Greek public radio show this past week. He said that Germany and Europe were using "blood-letting techniques", meaning they were using the same bad financial positions that caused Greece to get to its low state where it is today.

He has managed to arrange a shaky 4 month extension for Greece’s payment obligations of over 11 billion euros but has stated it would still be impossible to make a payment without additional concessions.