Destination Germany: a paradise for winter-lovers, Chiemgau

This past week there has been a little bit of snow in my area of Deutschland, and I wanted to know more about special places in Germany that cater to winter visitors.  So while Chiemgau is a massive area, I am going to narrow our discussion to why you might want to visit this particular mountain area in the colder months.

All of these trails can be easily reached by the lift once you get tickets. Also, if skiing on this mountain sounds fun but you never got around to actually trying skiing for yourself… not to worry. There are three ski schools available for you.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Aside from these and numerous exciting fast paced ski trails, if you want a more relaxing or slower pace adventure, check out the area’s cross country routes. They boast some beautiful winter landscapes while you glide along on their well maintained runs.

This area is loaded with other fun winter activities as well. Something that caught my eye was all the different hiking trails. You can go guided or unguided. Through the mountains or along the Chiemsee Lake. If you want to get a little sporty, there are lots of winter jogging trails or if you want to relax there are slow paced nature walks that will take you to stunning views and make you feel like you are walking in the clouds. And if you want some real adventure check out their snow shoe tours where you walk across deep snow through untouched valleys and forest. You will get to great viewpoints as well as alpine huts to take a well deserved break.

If you want some entertainment that will take your breath away without actually having to exert a lot of effort this area has some great winter sporting events to watch. Biathlons, speed skating, and dog sledding sound really fun.

It is actually not to far from Munich so you could technically stay there and take a day trip. But me.. I would book a room or apartment and one of the many resort hotels or bed and breakfasts in the area. There are quite a few. And beside getting to wake up surrounded by mountains and just be able to walk outside to your activities for the day, you also get to experience the local culture of the region. There are quite a few museums and castles in the area as well as one of my favorite things to do on vacation, which is checking out the local restaurants and cafes.

If you are looking for some winter fun in Germany. Check out the Steinplatte Winklmoosalm mountain area and all that it can offer you.