60 - Arms exports to Saudi Arabia continue, the Bundesliga for beginners and Naumburg's historic cathedral

In this episode - Despite rumours of a moratorium, Germany continues to deliver weapons to Saudi Arabia, and could foreign intelligence services be using software developed here to spy on people in Germany? We’ll be looking at these topics in depth with journalist Ben Knight.

The Bundesliga is the country’s top football league - but why is it so appealing to football fans around the world? Archie Rhind-Tutt of the Talking Fußball podcast will be here to explain.

Our German of the Week is Friedhelm Adolfs. The chain smoker who won a court victory against his eviction after it was ruled that excessive smoking is not grounds for kicking someone out of their residence.

In our travel segment, we show you why you will want to check out the old town of Naumburg and its historic cathedral.

All that, plus the rest of the week’s news in brief.