German of the Week: Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble

Our German of the Week section puts the spotlight on a prominent person from this week’s news, a German citizen, or even a foreigner who we deem an ‘honorary German’, who has had an affect, for better or worse, on German culture, society or politics.

This time round we are featuring Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister who started his post in 2009. This past week he met with his counterpart from Greece, Yanis Varoufakis. The finance minister from Greece was speaking to Germany, as well as other EU countries about his country's need for financial aid.

Wolfgang Schäuble did not share Varoufakis’ view point and told him so directly that Greece is responsible for their own problems and therefore must find a solution themselves instead of relying on Germany and the EU for assistance. He did offer assistance that Germany could send 500 tax collectors to assist the government in Athens to collect from wealthy Greeks.

Wolfgang Schäuble was not to be intimidated and told reporters that he and the Greek finance minister agreed to disagree and that no agreement was reached because it was never in the cards that they would to begin with.