Destination Germany: East Frisian Islands

Last week we were in the Southeast of the country and now we are going almost as far from that as you can get. We move to the Northwest corner and will take a look at the East Frisian Islands.

If you like islands than this time you are in for a treat as there are actually 12 that make up the East Frisian Islands. Now, these aren't huge islands,the biggest being 31 square kilometers, but are still a really cool location to check out in Germany. Also, they are not that far away from the mainland, making them, pretty accessible.

You will have to make some travel arrangements but they are all pretty easy to reach. All the main islands are between 3 to 10 kilometers away from the mainland. Between them is the Watten Sea. And this is the cool part. At low tide, it is dry between the coast and 5 of the 7 main islands. You can actually take a guided tour and walk on the mudflats of the Watten Sea from Germany’s coast onto one of these islands.

It is completely possible to walk over this muddy causeway during specific times of the day most of the year. But take caution. It is very dangerous, as well as being illegal, to try and walk over the mud flats by yourself. You must be part of an organized guided to access this area. Many people have been trapped in between when the tide quickly came back. Also, it is said that the fog in this area can become very thick and an inexperienced trekker might lose their path.

While the islands aren't very far off the coast, there are no roads that go directly to them. You will have to take a ferry from one of the ports that offers a trip the island that you want to see. Deutsche Bahn does have some special offers getting to these islands though. Check it out and you can order train tickets to get you to the port you need that includes a ferry ride.

One of the major attractions on most of the bigger islands are beach resorts that have access to the beautiful sandy beaches of the North Sea. You can rent your little covered beach chairs that seem to be so popular in Germany and take a swim in the waters. But, again be warned, these waters can get a bit chilly.

Other than enjoying the beaches. There are quite a few historic sites to visit, museums, boutique shopping, and restaurants. Also, something that caught my eye was that on one of the islands they have a Pferdebahn, a horse drawn train that runs on rails that visitors can ride around to get a good view of the land.

And speaking of transportation on the islands. Most don’t have cars, or even streets with names, so biking is a way of getting around. Be careful as the winds can be strong on these islands making even bicycling difficult at times.