95 - Who's spying on whom?

It was announced this week that an investigation into US surveillance of Angela Merkel's phone was to be dropped after not enough evidence was found. It was also revealed this week that a chancellery department chief's laptop was infected with a virus from the NSA which allowed spies to gather secret data. 

We ask the question: with all this 'illegal' monitoring suddenly being uncovered, what's to stop mass data gathering on the public also being used for illegitimate purposes? 

If you love Germany's tradition for tasty baked products, then join us for our Destination Germany! We're returning to Ulm to the bread museum. Yum! 

Plus, we cover an absurd press conference took place this week between Chancellor Merkel and Israel's prime minister. 

All that and the rest of this week's news in brief, in episode 95 of This Week in Germany!