German of the Week: top chef, TV star and singer, Nelson Müller

This episode’s German of the Week is a German chef, restaurant owner, and also... a singer. His name is Nelson Müller and he is a classic rags to riches story which borders on being a fairy tale.

Take a listen in the player below or read on to find out more about this multi-talented German!


His birth name is Nelson Nutakor and he moved to Germany at four years old with his parents from Ghana. He was soon put in a foster home in Stuttgart. His foster parents adopted Nelson and he officially changed his last name to Müller.

Nelson Müller trained as a cook under the famous German chef Holger Bodendorf. From there he was able to work in several high class restaurants over the next decade. In 2009 he opened his own restaurant called Pepper and since then has opened two other chic restaurants.

He has become a minor celebratory being on television as a chef. He started on a local show called The Red Apron. He had talent not only as a superior chef but also as a TV actor. He started in more cooking programs and recently hosted a ZDF special that compared discount grocery stores in Germany (like Lidl and Aldi) against his high standards for quality foods.

The show was extremely popular with almost 6 million views tuning in while it aired on Tuesday last week.