Destination Germany: the town within a town at Gieselwerder

This week we are going to another small town, in fact, this region is tiny in terms of population. So why would I want to take you to see such a small town? Well, the surprise is that within this small town… is an even smaller town, which I'll get to soon. This week we are going to take a look at the municipality of Oberweser.

The area is at the very tip top in the German state of Hesse. It is right on the border of Lower Saxony and very close to Thuringia as well. Oberweser is about 40 square kilometers with a population of a little more than 3000. It has six small villages. Out of these six villages, we are going to the largest one with just over 1000 residence, Gieselwerder.

Many of the buildings in the villages are the iconic Fachwerkhäuse,  or in English, half-timbered houses and buildings, where you can see the structure beams from the outside.

But don’t worry that just because it is a resort area that you will be overwhelmed with a sea of tourists. There are only about 150 beds available for the entire town in the hotels and bed and breakfast rentals.

And the town within a town? I was referring to was a really cool attraction inside the village of Gieselwerder. It is called Der Mühlenplatz (Mill Square) and it is a showcase of miniature version of many buildings in the area from today and in the past. It began as just a hobby for a local that liked to build miniature replicas and turned into a large open air museum that is worth a visit to this little village. Visitors can walk around the area and see tiny castles, buildings, houses, churches, and mills. The detail is extraordinary and the experience will leave you feeling like a giant walking across the land.

Remember that this is not a huge city so plan your transportation ahead of time. If you aren't driving, I recommend you go to one of the larger cities around it like Göttingen or Kassel. From there you can find a bus to take you to Gieselwerder.

If you want to relax in a health resort or have the desire to feel like a giant looking down on the land, check out Gieselwerder in the Oberweser area.