Destination Germany: Görlitz, the easternmost city

This week we are going to the very farthest point East that is still Germany. Right on the Polish border. We are going to check out the city of Görlitz and what it has to offer.

While this city technically only borders Poland. It is very close to Czech Republic as well. You can go just about 10 kilometres outside the city and end up there. So this German city is really a mix of three different places.

Görlitz has been around for a while. A settlement has been said to have been here since around 2000 BC though the actual city of Görlitz was first documented in 1071. Since this time it has become a pretty large city with over 50,000 residents.

It directly borders a sister city called Zgorzelec in Poland. Both these cities share a Gothic Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau architecture. And something pretty cool is that this city was never destroyed during the second World War so much of that architecture is still original. Now, this city has a campaign slogan called the City of Culture to help further German-Polish relations.

Also preserved is a old-time railway system used during the German Democratic Republic. Using this track is a replica of the first German railway locomotive used in 1835.

There are many outdoor activities and parks to visit. One of the parks is an animal reserve with over 500 animals including red pandas.

Also, the city is plentiful with museums as well. The museum of photography caught my attention which gives insight into the history of how photography began.

This event is the Old Town Festival which draws over 100,000 people each year. This Fest is either the last week of August or the first week of September. It is huge and spreads over most of the city. Multiple stages for music and theater, many little boutique stands for all sorts of special merchandise, and loads of food.

Of course there are other events during the year as well. This looks like an very interesting German city so check their calendar for a good time to visit.