56 - World Economic Forum, Lutz Bachmann and a town within a town

The government’s top politicians and businesspeople flock to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. We’ll be breaking down the developments from the past few days with Deutsche Welle’s Head of Business, Manuela Kasper-Claridge who is in Davos.
Despite their leader stepping down and tens of thousands across the country attending counter-demonstrations, the anti-Islam and anti-immigrant group Pegida is still going strong. We’ll be listening to a rare interview with Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann.

The interview is a clip from the documentary 'Germany, Islam and the New Right' which you can hear in full via this link. Thanks to those at the BBC who worked on the programme, including reporter Catrin Nye and producer Smita Patel, for giving us permission to include the clip in the podcast!

Our German of the Week is Nelson Müller, the Ghana-born chef whose struggle to the top has earned him a Michelin star and, last Tuesday, six million TV viewers. Plus our destination this week is Gieselwerder’s town within a town.

All that, as well as the rest of the week’s news in brief.

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