Germany in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks

Despite the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket taking place in a different country, the impact has clearly had a profound effect on Germany.

Coming at a time when anti-Islam sentiment was already gaining a voice, the Islamist extremist attacks shocked the country and brought many to think about how we deal with the topics of free speech and the 'right to offend'.

Now we're left with several questions:

Will politicians use the terrorist attacks in Paris to gain increasing control over citizens' data? Will Germany's Muslims combat ultra-conservative and extremist elements in their community? Will citizens in Germany defy Pegida's message and show acceptance to others as individuals, regardless of their race or religion? Will this country continue to show kindness and charity to foreigners, Muslim and otherwise, who are searching a place to live here out of sheer desperation? Will the attacks have a chilling effect on German journalism and free speech? How far could, or should, we go to express ourselves and does that right extend to wilfully offending others?

To help unravel at least a part of their complex topic, This Week in Germany was joined by The Globe and Mail's Berlin correspondent, Joanna Slater.

If you want to see the live tweeting from the Mahnwache, check out our Storify report.

Finally, you can listen to the entire report from episode 55 below: