Germans of the Week: Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou

Two are sharing the honor as German of the Week and neither were unaccustomed to the spotlight. We take a look at the lives of Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou.

Read all about them or take a listen to the clip below!

This couple were the driving force behind the epic 1927 German expressionist science fiction film Metropolis which celebrated the anniversary of its release on the 10th of January.

Fritz Lang was a filmmaker and screenwriter and started working in a German film studio right as the expressionist movement was growing. He met his wife, von Harbou, while the two were working on the film “Dr. Mabuse the Gambler”. Though Thea von Harbou was already married she left her husband for Lang.

Both von Harbou and Lang wrote the science fiction pioneering film that became Metropolis and Lang directed it. After the film's release he stated that it was both silly and stupid but later said that he liked it after space travel actually became a reality in his lifetime.

The couple had a relatively short marriage and divorced in 1933. Due the politics of Nazi regime, Lang left Germany first to Paris and on to Hollywood California in 1936. Von Harbou opted to stay loyal and stayed in Germany. Both continued to work in the film industry for the rest of their lives.