Destination Germany: Bundeswehr Military History Museum

This week we are going to check out a specific museum that is located in the city of Dresden. Our destination is The Bundeswehr Military History Museum. This museum houses records and exhibits from the German military starting all the way back to 1300.

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From the train station you can take a tram to Stauffenbergallee. From there you can’t miss it. The museum itself it built in an old armory building that was built in the mid 1800s though it first became a museum in 1897. It became a Nazi museum, then a Soviet museum, and then an East German museum.

This building has gone through quite a lot of changes. It actually closed down completely in 1989 when the reunification process was taking place. It was decided in 2001 that it would become a museum that would show people a way to reconsider the way they think about war. And in 2011, it officially opened as the Bundeswehr Military History Museum.

The museum is trying to distance itself from those military museums which seem to glorify war and battles. This museum tries to show what were the causes that led to war and what the consequences were of the aftermath. It will show visitors the human component of war and these feelings and thoughts of those involved.And the museum doesn’t stop there. This museum encourages dialog from the visitors about what they feel or any questions they might have.

They have quite a lot of information and exhibits but it really depends on the individual on how fast or slow they want to take it. There are two main ways to view the museum. You can focus on military themes  or you can focus on chronological events. And to give you an idea of just how much they have to offer. There are ELEVEN different themed tours that focus on different aspects of war. Also, there are four different chronological tours.

If learning about war and military history from a humanistic standpoint with employees who are there for your questions is something you could be interested in. The Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden will be a great destination.