40 - Rental pricing cap, free internet on trains and graffiti artist "OZ"

Good news coming up for those looking to rent new apartments. The upcoming rental pricing cap will ensure that more can find affordable housing.

There are over 200 monuments and towers that are honoring one man. TWIG tells you what he accomplished to receive such recognition.

A renowned graffiti artist was killed this past week while out doing what he loved best.

Do you want to have internet access while traveling in Germany? Deutsche Bahn answers the consumer's call by announcing plans to start installing WIFI on all of their trains.

This week: 

  • Grand Coalition delivers plans for pricing cap on rental home market.
  • Deutsche Bahn promises to bring free internet to customers starting later this year.
  • Walter Fischer, a well known graffiti artist died but his art will live on. 
  • Learning about German holiday and science trivia on the quiz show and find if you have a famous monument in your town. 

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