In pictures: Rally against anti-Semitism takes place at Brandenburg Gate

Today the Central Council of Jews in Germany organised a rally against anti-Semitism, which took place at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 

Speeches were made by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin's mayor Klaus Wowereit, the leaders of the German Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as the presidents of the Central Council of Jews and the Jewish World Congress. 

The unifying message was that anti-Semitism, but also racism and intolerance as a whole, have no place in modern German society. Several speakers noted that the recent Israel-Palestine conflict had been used by some as an excuse to spout hate speech towards Jews. 

Angela Merkel called getting rid of anti-Semitism Germany's "civil duty", just as with removing Islamaphobia, and that those who spread anti-Semitic hate are misusing the country's basic rights and freedoms of expression.