34 - Forged high-tech goods, one million electric cars, another loss for German national football and the Loreley

We had a great podcast this week and we hope you will like it as well. Angela Merkel and others in the administration continue their pledged projections for 1,000,000 electric cars on the road by 2020. We learn there is quite a problem in Germany regarding copyright/patent infringement. Our German of the Week this week is none other than Per Mertesacker who will be the third German national footballer to resign recently.

This week: 

  • Having 1 million electric cars by 2020 might not be feasible.
  • Germany is the 2nd largest producers of high tech forgeries.
  • Per Mertesacker leaves the German national football team.
  • The German quiz show heats up and we visit The Loreley, a famous rock with a frighting tale.

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