33 - Russian arms deal canceled, work stress law, the city of Ulm and Bernie Ecclestone

Tune in this week for the most up-to-date German news. We discuss the recent arms deal that was struck down between the defense contractor Rheinmetall and Russia. An anti-stress law has been proposed to regulate when employers can contact employees outside of work. We take a visit and learn about the interesting city of Ulm. And find out what is happened in the court case with president and CEO of Formula 1 racing, Bernie Ecclestone.  

This week: 

  • Germany has already canceled a major military deal with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.
  • SPD discussing new anti-stress law for those working in Germany.
  • Bernie Ecclestone settles his court case for $100,000,000. 
  • Great new questions on our quiz show and take a trip to the small city of Ulm.

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