31 - Pro and anti-Israel protests, more English masters courses, and a living wage project

This week, pro and anti-Israel protests took place in Berlin and in many other cities in Germany. We talk about a possible upcoming push for more high level university courses to be taught in English. A man named Michael Bohmeyer has found some success with his crowd funding experiment for a living wage experiment in Germany. And we visit one of Germany's more popular amusement parks and tell you what it has to offer.

This week: 

  • Tense demonstrations on International Quds Day take place in Berlin.
  • A top school in Munich announces all master's programs will eventually be taught in English.
  • Michael Bohmeyer crowd funds a social project about a living wage.
  • Great new questions on our quiz show and in Destination Germany, see how much fun you can have at the Heide Park Resort in Soltau.

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