24 - The 'Right to be Forgotten', D-Day, and the grand tour of Berlin's Currywurst!

It's a jam-packed program for you this time round - where you can find out in depth about the ongoing debate in the country about Google and the "Right to be Forgotten", on top of some thoughts on why Germans tend to rent homes rather than buy them. We take a look at a D-Day veteran with a heartwarming message to his German counterparts. 

Frederick and I had a great time trekking through Berlin the previous weekend trying to experience a great deal of curry wurst in a short amount of time. We were able to hit 10 different places. You can hear all about them from the podcast but here are some highlight photos.


This week: 

  • Google and Germany have their hands full with the "Right to be Forgotten ruling."
  • Should more Germans think about buying rather than renting their home?
  • A WWII veteran wants people to remember that all soldiers are also people.
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "X" and hear about our fantastic curry wurst adventure in Berlin.

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