27 - East falling further behind the West, Amazon facing anti-trust accusations, employment scandal at Berlin's new airport and the city of Merseburg

Check out this week's podcast to hear about the continuing financial problems facing the Eastern side of Germany and what that means for Germany as a whole. Book publishers are accusing giant book seller Amazon of anti-trust violations. And get a feel for the old but still thriving city of Merseburg. We also have a brand new feature, a quiz show testing our German trivia knowledge.

This week: 

  • The government and financial teams look to help balance the economy in the east and west of Germany.
  • Amazon being investigated at request of book publishers accusations of anti-trust violations.
  • The German of the week is a fake engineer who caused quite a stir at the Berlin Airport.
  • We kick off our new German quiz feature and hear about the underground beer tunnels of Merseburg.

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