26 - No responsibility for bike helmets, solar power on the rise and the city of Saarlouis

On the show this week, a ruling stating a cyclist could be held partially responsible for not wearing a helmet has been overturned by Germany's highest court. A study has revealed solar panels collected 50% of a day's electricity demand this month. We take a look at the city of Saarlouis and it's origins. Also, we bring you the final installment of the A-Z guide of Germany,

This week: 

  • Court rules cyclist without a helmet are no more responsible for accidents than those with a helmet.
  • Solar power generation is on the rise and is predicted to grow.
  • Two police offers show spirit in the Christopher Street Day Parade.
  • Our German A-Z guide comes to an end with the letter "Z" and find out some exiting history on the city of Saarlouis.

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