20 - Snowden to testify, free city-wide internet, the daredevil toddler and Germany's Black Forest

Listen to our latest episode of THIS WEEK IN GERMANY to hear a parliamentary committee's decision to have whistleblower Edward Snowden testify on the NSA's involvement in espionage within Germany. Also, the city of Karlsruhe is quite happy because as of now, unlimited high speed internet is being offered in most areas. 

This week: 

  • Argument started between political parties as to whether Edward Snowden should testify in Germany.
  • Karlsruhe has started a project to bring free high speed internet to almost their entire city.
  • A Three year old girl car-surfs for 18 kilometers. 
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "T" and find out what makes Germany's Black Forest so renowned. 

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