18 - Annual peace protest, anti-advert art movement, Stefanie Zweig and LEGOLAND

In our episode this week we look at the yearly peace protests that took place on Easter Monday. We find out about an underground urban artist movement to try and fight back against outdoor adverting. Learn about Stefanie Zweig and her dramatic life and writing career. And for those who want to unleash your inner child, the German LEGOLAND continues to amaze.

This week: 

  • Nuclear disarmament and peace marches all over Germany.
  • Stefanie Zweig inspires millions with an autobiography about her escape to Africa.
  • Vermibus and other German based street artists work to make cities more beautiful.
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "R" and become a child again and wonder at LEGOLAND Deutschland. 

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Check out the video of Berlin urban street artist and social activist, Vermibus.