17 - Investment tax increase, Zalando undercover expose and Kyffhäuser

This week we report on the SPD proposing to almost double the tax rate on investment gains. We also discuss an online retailer that is doing an excellent job selling shoes but is in the news again for allegedly poor working conditions. The oldest bar in Berlin will most likely be closing its doors causing some unrest in some of the public. And we visit the Kyffhäuser mountains to find out why this little known spot is so exciting. 

 Alt Bar, Berlin's oldest bar. Photo: Neil Hester / Flickr

Alt Bar, Berlin's oldest bar. Photo: Neil Hester / Flickr

This week: 

  • If you have revenue from investments, you may soon be getting to keep a little less.
  • Man caught moving cash across the border in an embarrassing situation.
  •  Zalando, again in the news for working conditions at distribution centers.
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "Q" and learn about the legend of Kyffhäuser. 

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Interested in helping save the oldest bar in Berlin, Alt Bar?
Take a look here at their online campaign.