16 - Sky bridges, Heartbleed, data retention reform and taxing foreign drivers

Should Germany follow the European Court of Justice's ruling to eliminate forced data retention? Is it legal for Germany to tax only foreigners who drive on the autobahn an additional toll? Might you need to change your passwords, as millions of other internet users did this past week? Do you want to walk in the sky through some of Germany's beautiful parks? Find out about all these topics in detail on THIS WEEK IN GERMANY.

This week: 

  • EU high court repeals law on data retention they decided violates the citizen's rights.
  • The transportation minister is looking to enact a new toll that will target foreigners driving in Germany.
  • BBC News reports that the country's green goals might be further out of reach than many would hope.
  •  The bug Heartbleed on the program OpenSSL created by Dr. Robin Seggelmann.
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "P" and view the forests from the top down on a sky bridge.

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