13 - Union strikes, parliamentary inquiry into NSA spying, polar bears and a tropical resort

Warning strikes were made last week which could be an indications of larger strikes in the future, such as the upcoming Lufthansa strike. Germany officially creates a committee to inquire about NSA spying in the country. Plus, two surprises this week: find out where you can visit a nearby tropical paradise and listen about our Germans of the Week... who are two polar bears.

This week: 

  • Lufthansa's pilots announce a large strike and unions in other industries organize warning strikes for different sectors.
  • An official inquiry has been started to find if the NSA violated German citizens' rights.
  • Polar bears are making news once again. They're popular in Germany!
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "M" and find out that your island getaway might be easier than expected.

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